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With the help of Manfred Davidmann's concern and investigations about the underlying causes of, and solutions for, today's problems. If you want a good life in a free, fair, just and secure democratic community and society, read on.

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Manfred Davidmann about Social Laws and Social System:

"Manfred Davidmann shows that the Torah* contains a statement of scientific social laws of behaviour and of community and social organisation, such as:
Money has to be lent by the community, free of interest.

Outstanding loans have to be cancelled after a period of time.

A country's wealth belongs to its inhabitants.

He proves that keeping the social laws of the Torah* guarantees human rights. They apply to all people alike and have the force of law. He also explains how the application of these social laws affects not only the standard of living of all members of society, but the future of the planet as a whole."

And Manfred Davidmann describes and discusses benevolent social laws, our basic human rights, like:

A year of rest at regular intervals.

Work for those who want it.

Free national health service.

Free education and job training.

High quality housing.

Distribution of a country's wealth and capital, and redistribution at regular intervals.

Maximum differential in income within a country, and also between countries.

Who is entitled as a matter of right.

How these essential Torah* laws apply today to our daily lives and how they apply to community and religious leaderships.

Manfred Davidmann provides more information about these and other essential but little-known social Torah* laws in:
The Way Ahead: Policies for a Better Future
Brings together findings and conclusions based on extensive research reported over a period of time by Manfred Davidmann in other publications. Relevant to individuals, communities, countries and the whole planet, it summarises what needs to be achieved.

Struggle for Freedom: The Social Cause-and-Effect Relationship
Major review and analysis of the social laws and social system of the Torah* and of the Social Cause-and-Effect Relationship. Also reviews the role of religion and of Judaism under modern conditions.

The God-given Human Rights, Social Laws and Social System
A comprehensive statement of the God-given human rights which underlie all freedom, liberty and independence. They are the foundation of the main religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and they underlie and determine a good life of high quality.

Origin of Christianity and Judaism:
What Actually Happened, What Jesus Actually Taught and Later Changes

Proves by methods of biblical archaeology what Jesus really taught, how Paul changed what Jesus had taught, how this became Christianity's official doctrine. Outstanding are sections on Paul and the Gospels, on concurrent corresponding changes in Judaism.

* The Torah, that is the five books of Moses (Also called Pentateuch; Part of Old Testament).

Books by Manfred Davidmann

ISLAM: Basis - Past - Present - Future

God and People: The Social Laws and Social System Underlying Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Democracy

Group Minds in Action: How the Human Group Mind
Shapes the Quality of Our Life and Living

Causes of Failure, Guidelines for Success

Management and Leadership:
Local, National, Multinational (Global), Principles and Practice

The Real World in Which We Live:
The Social Rules and Social System under Which We Suffer, Struggle, Survive and Prosper

Messianic Struggle:
The Worldwide Struggle for a Good and Secure Life for All, Here and Now

Judaism: Basis - Past - Present - Future, Part 1

Judaism: Basis - Past - Present - Future, Part 2

Christianity: Basis - Past - Present - Future

Towards a Better Future

Chemical Engineering, Chemical Plant Contracting, Chemical Industry.
Work and Pay, Work and Remuneration of Directors, Community Leadership and Management

Social and Economic Problems of Israel and Democratic Countries
Policies for a Better Future

Manfred Davidmann says:

"Decision-taking by leaderships has to be replaced by decision-making at the level of the people.

The real struggle is not between political left and right, but is a struggle for participation (the right to make decisions)".

The Real World in Which We Live:
The Social Rules and Social System under Which We Suffer, Struggle, Survive and Prosper

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'The Social Costs of Unemployment' by Manfred Davidmann
With permission of Manfred Davidmann: Link to the English original text which has been translated into German by Dr. Angelika Schaumberg
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